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Resin pack

Resin pack


Order your complete resin pack allowing you to laminate and make the HotCoat of a waveski:

- Translucent resin + epoxy hardener for layering: 2.8 kg

- Resin + translucent epoxy hardener for HotCoat (Glass): 1.38 kg


Discover all the stages of making a waveski on the video by clicking on this link.

  • Data sheet Epoxy resins 1070S clear - 1074

    Supplier: Resolteck

    Complete kit: Resin + hardener = 2.8kg

    Properties / information:

    - ideal for laminating on polystyrene foam bread



    -good UV resistance

    -very good mechanical properties

    - manufacturing without passage in an oven

    - stratification on contact, by injection or under vacuum

    - made in France by RESOLTECH

    - Dosage (to be respected, do not vary the proportions) 100R + 40D by weight

  • Data sheet 4000CLEAR Epoxy HotCoat resins

    Supplier: Resoltech

    Complete kit: Resin + hardener = 1.38kg

    Properties / information:

    - obtaining a colorless film with a nice stretch and a high gloss

    - frosting with a brush (brush / spalter)

    - easy to use, ambient polymerization, self-leveling

    - excellent boiling capacity

    - polyester topcoat or polyurethane varnish application without inhibition

    - can be tinted

    - can be sanded and polished

    - sanding grain 80 to 120 will be necessary if a second layer is applied to improve the grip between the layers

    - made in France by RESOLTECH

    - Dosage (to be respected, do not vary the proportions): 100R + 38D by weight

  • Health and security

    When using products containing solvents:

    - Wear gas mask, coveralls, gloves, glasses

    - Respect the doses and advice for use

    - Aerate the rooms during and after their application

    - Store new and used containers in well ventilated areas, out of the reach of children. Compliance with these storage conditions helps to keep the properties of the product.

    - Hermetically close the containers containing the used solvents and store the rags soaked in solvents in closed containers.

  • Disposal and recycling

    Do not forget to sort and bring your resin remains and waste (pots, cans, rags, etc.) to a recycling center.

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