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It all starts with you, what you are looking for, your level, your height, weight and your desires! Then comes our advice and expertise.

Manufacturing to order allows product customization in terms of finishes and dimensions.

Find the model that suits you best through our range of Solamanzi boards!

M ade in France

The manufacture of French boards guarantees the quality of the products thanks to the traceability of the raw materials and a manufacturing process combining high-tech techniques and artisanal know-how.



C 3D onception

Today, 3D design makes it possible to produce boards on demand and completely bespoke, with limitless potential for customization.


3D makes it possible to test and mathematically optimize the curves of the board, which is innovative in the world of waveskiing and considerably changes the shapes.

A 3D plan of your board will be sent to you before confirming your order!

The shape will then be machined on a numerical control (CNC) and will pass into the hands of the shaper.

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The shape

To give the final touch to the shape, the finishes are 100% handmade by a shaper who will use finer and finer tools until the perfect board is obtained ready to be laminated.


The stratification

The lamination will be made with the use of high-end materials guaranteeing strength and performance: carbon, fiberglass and epoxy resin.

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The decoration

Depending on your preferences, several types of decorations are possible with a large color panel: tinted resin, bi or tri-color tinted resin, fabrics printed on tissue paper! You choose !


L et's go surfing

The board will be sent to you with a complete Solamanzi accessory pack of your choice.

The waveski can be delivered to your home, to your home anywhere in Europe by our carriers.

We, even users of our products, are particularly concerned by their effectiveness. Our models of boards are proven, tested and validated by our team around the world! Meet them on the page: Team Rider Solamanzi!


Let's see

Discover in this video the behind the scenes of Solamanzi starting with the ordering of the waveski to the 3D design then to the cutting and finishing by our shaper.

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