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Waveski surfing: not just a passion
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Waveski surfing has developed in the Anglo-Saxon countries of the southern hemisphere. At the time, the boards were used as a rescue float to pick up people in danger at sea. Little by little, they shortened to adapt to surfing in the waves. It was in the 80's that they were imported to Europe and that the sport has continued to evolve.

S olamanzi?


It all started in 2007 in South Africa when a waveskier, Shaun Holmes, decided to create his own brand in this country where the discipline is highly developed.


He then had to find a name and it was the union of water and sun in the African dialect that gave the brand name: Solamanzi.

The arrived in France

It was in 2010 that the multiple world champions Mathieu Babarit and Caroline Angibaud took over the brand and developed it on an international scale by creating a unique board model, by manufacturing high quality accessories and by sponsoring the first team rider Solamanzi.

Océane Lucas and Virgile Humbert, among the leaders of the discipline in France and around the world, are taking up the torch of the brand in 2019. Their vision of innovation and the desire to promote this sport gives them the energy to give a new boost to the development of Solamanzi and waveski.



Because our desires have no limit, we are constantly developing new solutions.


This translates into the creation of 9 new models of different shapes to meet all levels and the creation of the first waveski online shop for the sale of accessories.


P erformance

Because performance is at the heart of our motivation.

We do our best to improve our boards and accessories every day according to your desires, your level and your needs by using high quality material guaranteeing strength and performance.


Nature lovers

Being passionate about outdoor sports, the preservation of the environment is at the heart of our concerns.

Without hiding that the activity of producing composite boards is harmful to the environment, we nevertheless try to reduce our impact on the environment as much as possible by finding solutions:

- systematic sorting and recycling of all our waste (recycling of the remains of foam bread by the Vendée company PRB to make insulation)

- production of durable boards using high quality material and solid construction

- manufacture of boards made in France for local production and without transport of goods

- recycling of boxes for sending products



Because this company is above all a human adventure, we would like to thank all the people who contribute directly or indirectly to this adventure:

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

Thanks to Caroline and Mathieu for trusting us to take up the torch and thanks to Shaun Holmes for continuing to follow and encourage us.

Thank you to all those who support Solamanzi with their energy:

Nicolas Dufour, without whom, our network content would not be as good, to Gérard Lucas for the first shapes in the garage, to Pascale Lucas to replace us when we have to leave, to Arthur Seguin for good advice, to Margaux Blandin to create crazy events and to all our friends / family who encourage us in this project.

Thanks to the shapers Jérémie de Jamin and Stark for their top quality work.

A big thank you to the whole team rider that you can find by clicking here:

Pablo Arrouays, Clément Guilbert, Cyril Samson, Rémi Cléro, Kyle Richardson, Noé le Meil, Atamai Raynaud, Odei Exteberria, Maxime Gaborit, Nathan le Bars, Mélissa Farthing, Felipe Doria and Mathis Lacrampe.

And finally, thank you to you, customers who trust us and with whom, we hope, the adventure continues!

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