Waveski surfing: not just a passion

Waveski surfing was born in English-speaking countries in the southern hemisphere. At the time, Australian lifeguards were using floating boards powered with a double-bladed kayak paddle to save the distressed swimmers in the ocean. Gradually, the board length and volume have decreased to be able to surf the waves. In the 90’s, waveski surfing came to Europe and the sport continued to evolve. 


The Solamanzi Brand was created in 2007 by South African Shaun Holmes. The name of the brand is a contraction of Sol (Sun - in Spanish) and Amanzi (Water - in Xhosa (an African dialect).


In 2009, wolrd waveski champions Mathieu Babarit & Caroline Angibaud purchased Solamanzi, which became based in France.


Oceane Lucas and Virgile Humbert, world champion riders and leaders in the sport, purchased the company in 2019. With their innovative vision and desire to enhance the sport's recognition, they are developing new designs to enhance your waveski surfing experience.

Océane Lucas

Communication - Marketing - Sales- Development - Kayak Guide

Waveski Surfing World Champion


Virgile Humbert

Gestion - R&D - Development

Purchasing - Sales

Waveski Surfing World Champion

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