Waveski surfing: not just a passion

Waveski surfing was born in the southern hemisphere english speaking countries. At that time, the Australians lifeguards were using floating boards powered with a double paddle like kayaks to save the distressed swimmers in the ocean. Step by step the boards length and volume have decreased to be able to surf the waves. It's in the 90’s waveski surfing have been imported to Europe and the sport continued to evolve. 


The Solamanzi Brand was created in 2007 by a South African: Shaun Holmes. The name of the brand is a contraction of Sol (sun in spanish) and Amanzi is Xhosa (African Language) for Water.


Mathieu Babarit & Caroline Angibaud, world waveski champions in the 2000’s purchased Solamanzi in 2009.


Today Oceane Lucas and Virgile Humbert are among the leaders of the sport, in France and in the world, not only in the contests, but with their vision of innovation and desire to make this sport known.

Repurchasing in 2019 the brand, they wish to give waveski surfing a new developpement boost.

Océane Lucas

Communication - Marketing - Sales- Development - Kayak Guide

Waveski Surfing World Champion


Virgile Humbert

Gestion - R&D - Development

Purchasing - Sales

Waveski Surfing World Champion

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