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Pro Model SeatBelts

Pro Model SeatBelts

SKU: C0001

Pro Model SeatBelts

The Pro model seatbelt hooks to the waveski surfing board thanks to inserts. Its enable the waveski surfer to be hold to his board by his hips.

Its helps to be more precise on the driving of the board and betters the power transmission to the board


For more comfort and control, add the Solamanzi Seatbelt Pad.

  • Technical details

    Velcro anti-UV, high quality

    Ultra-reinforced seams

    Ripstop plastic reinforcement inserted into the fabric

    Adjustable on both sides

    Ultra-reinforced screw fastening strip

    Comfortable and reinforced neoprene pads

    Sold with male + female buckles

  • Maintenance advices

    Cold Washing

    Hand Washing

  • Products Test

    Our Pro model seatbelts are tested and approved by our pro riders and our passionate team all around the world.

  • Warranty

    Our solamanzi products are guaranteed 2 years

  • Restrictions of use

    Suitable for waveski surfing use.

    This product is not a life saving product.

    To be used only in a monitored area

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