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Full Solamanzi ProModel equipment

Full Solamanzi ProModel equipment

SKU: M0003

Take advantage of the low price of the ProModel Solamanzi accessory pack !

This pack include :
1 seatpad (choose your color)
1 ProModel seatbelt
1 ProModel footstraps

3 fins of your choice, variable price (FCS I, US Box carbon, US box black fiber)
5 fastening plates and 10 screws

Seatpad color: Black
  • Warranty

    Our solamanzi products are guaranteed 2 years

  • Maintenance advices

    Cold Washing

    Hand Washing

  • Restrictions of use

    Suitable for waveski surfing use.

    This product is not a life saving product.

    To be used only in a monitored area

  • Products test

    Our products are tested and approved by our pro riders and our passionate team all around the world.

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